Rolling Thangka

My best friend painted this thangka in honor of his mother’s kindness.

Tibetan Mandala

This mandala shows traditional Tibetan monastic culture.

Tsongkapa Celebration

Everybody was singing the Tibetan national anthem and praying for peace on earth at Tsongkapa’s celebration in His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s temple.


This young girl just followed her parents and prayed even though she didn't understand the festival.

Tibetan Books

Tibetan books are symbols of Tibetan traditional culture.

Modern Monk's Life

This is my home. I borrowed the computer from a friend, which I use to practice typing in Tibetan and to watch H. H. the Dalai Lama’s teachings.

Refugee Kitchen

Many Tibetan monks are good cooks because we always have to cook our own food. In Tibet our families would send us to the monasteries with all our own cooking supplies. In Dharamsala I live in this apartment with a friend and I am happy I know how to cook.


He was too hungry and ate quickly. He didn’t know how to taste his thukpa.

Stolen Tsampa

Indian cows have more rights than humans. This cow was eating tsampa stolen from a Tibetan street vendor. She wanted to forcefully scare the cow away but she feared her neighbors’ reactions.

Danger in India

Life in India can sometimes be dangerous. This light post is piled high with all kinds of electrical wires. Many monkeys have been electrocuted on these wires. When the monsoons come they are even more dangerous. Last year three houses caught fire because of them. Since we are refugees there is little we can say or do about it.